"Oh no, you are going to be an expensive friend. Give me the number! I called and ordered two, the SECOND I got out of the car!"

Kyle Washington


"The Thermal track is beautiful, smooth as glass. Also have sections where you get to speed up and the car is amazing. It's a beast! You have to respect it and when you do, it's SO much fun to drive."

Jeff Gordon


"I'm really not a "speechless kind of guy" - but right now I'm quite speechless."

Don Cusick


"So much more fun than I anticipated!"

Stefan Wilson


"The Hendrick Track Attack Camaro has brought joy to my High Performance driving. It's hard to explain the visceral feeling created when you first toggle the start switch and the American V8 roars to life but for someone with only street car experience it's an unforgettable moment. What I have found truly amazing is when I have let others, including a former F1 driver get behind the wheel, is how it's the exact same experience for them! Even the most seasoned race car drivers can't get out of my Track Attack without a smile on their face and that's priceless!"

John Gromala